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Conference Paper
The subject of interest is journalism in conditions of a global crisis. The main research question of the research is: “What are the challenges that journalism and journalists in the Republic of Macedonia faced during the COVID-19 pandemic?” The main goal of the research is to determine the challenges that journalism and the journalists in the Republic of Macedonia faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Qualitative methodological techniques were used for the realization of the research, i.e. semi-structured in-depth interviews.


In regard to the sample, a strategy of selection via the principle of intentional sample was used. Thus, journalists were selected based on two criteria: those that have long years of work experience as media experts and are regarded with an esteem in their profession. The sample consists of journalists employed by six television stations, an information agency and an Internet portal in the Republic of Macedonia. Because of the specific living and working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore the specific position of journalists and their work engagements, the process of finding appropriate interlocutors and conducting interviews was more difficult and posed a big challenge. Consequently, although a large number of journalists in the Republic of Macedonia was contacted for the goals of the research, interviews were carried out with only ten journalists.

Main Findings

Journalists had to tackle a difficult challenge which impacted their mental and physical health. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the surface a lot of gaps in regard to the government treatment, the public and journalists and emphasized the need for systematic changes. The following key challenges have been identified: changes to the way of work of journalists and media during the COVID-19 pandemic and reorganization of capacity; threatened mental and physical health of journalists; threatened socioeconomic situation of journalists; lack of relevant and credible sources of information; an influx of information, misinformation, half-truths and fake news; hate speech, stigmatization and discrimination; lack of transparency by relevant institutions and bodies; lack of education and training of journalists on reporting during crisis.
Research focuses:
Physical, Psychological, Digital, Financial
Methods used in research:
Countries of research focus:
North Macedonia
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