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Elena Sherstoboeva

Dr, Lecturer in Media Law at Essex Law School, University of Essex , United Kingdom

Freedom of expression Media freedom Media law Post-Soviet studies Censorship Russian law

Through her expertise in media and communication laws in post-Soviet and other contexts, Dr Elena Sherstoboeva mainly approaches her research from a human rights law perspective. She focuses primarily on the impact of laws and policies on media freedom, including the safety of journalists, particularly during Russia's war in Ukraine. Since 2011, Elena has collaborated with international human rights organizations such as UNESCO, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, the Council of Europe, and NGOs as an independent legal expert in freedom of expression and media freedom. Additionally, she has provided law consultancy services for media and entertainment businesses in former post-Soviet states.

Future plans for research on journalists' safety

My main area of research will revolve around the evaluation of laws and policies that affect media freedom in Central Europe. I will be paying particular attention to the safety of journalists, especially in the context of Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine. It is essential to analyse the impact of different legal and regulatory frameworks on the media landscape, as this can help us better understand the challenges faced by journalists and media outlets in the region as a result of the war to propose actionable recommendations for improving the safety and security of journalists in the region.
Research focuses:
Methods used in research:
Interviews, Qualitative content analysis, Law and Policy Research
Countries of research focus:
Russia, post-Soviet states, China, Hong Kong

Areas interested in collaborating with NGOs

Analysis of media laws and policies and their application in practice from a human rights legal perspective

Areas interested in collaborating with other researchers

Analysis of media laws and policies and their application in practice from a human rights legal perspective
Elena Sherstoboeva

Elena Sherstoboeva

Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom

Essex Law School, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, CO43SQ

+44 (0) 1206 874926